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Working again, so time is short. Such is the nature of battling against deadlines. I miss the chance to blog well and with feeling. So today’s offering is tactile…something that I love and that I’d have difficulty finding the right … Continue reading


Ohhhhh, yesss.

Yes, ladies and gents, what I saw on the other side of the Baita’s* window, was worthy of a “When Harry Met Sally” moment. (I think we all know which moment I’m referring to.) The place is packed, tiled-floor-to-wooden-rafters, with … Continue reading

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Urban pattern #2

I had so much fun creating the first Urban Pattern, that I thought I’d give it another whack. For this one, I chose as my starting point, a humble pedestrian ramp on Via Canonica, in Milan. The results are in. … Continue reading

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Color Story #9: Edible Winter Roses

It’s been snowing today. So the sky and the general palette of the day are overwhelmed by whiteness (read: cold). And yet. And yet. When I walked into the vegetable vendor’s this morning, I was pleasantly ambushed by the persistent … Continue reading

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Memphis Stiletto Blues

Hopefully you know me well enough to know that the category designation “What We Wear” does not necessarily mean what I wear.  In this case definitely not. Not because I wouldn’t like to try, but because it would be suicide-by-shoe. … Continue reading

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It’s in the details

My beleaguered Harry’s ashtray says it all: when you’ve been there, you want to hold on to the experience forever. As Cipriani the Younger says, “Treat people like kings, and kings like people.” This video says so much about why … Continue reading

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Tearoom Etiquette for the four-footed set

Growing up in the United States, I was not accustomed to seeing dogs in restaurants. In Europe, as you probably know, dogs are family and allowed most places that people are. On my last trip to New York, it seemed … Continue reading

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Lesson in advanced Chutzpah

This isn’t me yet, but as these ladies astutely point out, some day it will be. Gotta love their chutzpah: (Please click here; you won’t regret it: Advanced Style: Age and Beauty from Ari Cohen on

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Urban pattern #1

Hi everyone. And Happy Back-At-It. Just exited from a long tunnel of work work work. And though I’m tired and satisfied on the one hand, my creative mind (such as it is) wants to play on the other. So I’ve … Continue reading

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Poll: Resolutions—yes or no?

I’m really doomed on this front. I was born under the sign of Cancer, and wishywashy might be my middle name. If I ever seem strong and determined and disciplined, it’s only because I’ve struggled most of my life against … Continue reading

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