Lesson in advanced Chutzpah

This isn’t me yet, but as these ladies astutely point out, some day it will be. Gotta love their chutzpah: (Please click here; you won’t regret it: Advanced Style: Age and Beauty from Ari Cohen on Nowness.com.)


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8 Responses to Lesson in advanced Chutzpah

  1. Anna Harrison says:

    Really? Somehow I don’t see you like this…
    I remember swearing years ago that I’d be a crazy old lady with wild hair and riding a scooter (not an oldster scooter, a Vespa)… but as the years slide by I think I might be more the eccentric, recluse, cranky type who loves animals more than people…. Tho’ I could be wrong.

    • There’s so much in life to make us cranky…I think one of the things that goes unsaid in this film is that all these woman are privileged economically…I’m sure that has an effect on the “art” they are able to create of themselves and the certainty with which they do it…that said, a woman can be a STATEMENT unto herself with very little money. My Mom is 80 and I rarely see her not “put together”…she has kept things in her closet for years that work for her and she dresses them up with pieces that work. I love that about her. That every single day there’s an effort (a successful one) to put herself out there. Curious: what do you mean when you say “I don’t see you like this…”? Interesting…I’d like to be more like them…

  2. debbibaron says:

    Oh my god! I loved this and expecially some of comments made by those women : ‘if someone doesn’t like what I am wearing, I don’t give a shit!’ and ‘I am not ready to be an old lady yet, and what does that mean anyway?’ That’s the kind of ‘old’ lady I want to be!

    • Yes! I agree! Aren’t they great. I felt really inspired by this video…kind of set free by it…I feel like there simply aren’t enough role models for us about courage and redefining beauty and “living the phase of life you’re in” as opposed to chasing one you’ve long left behind. They are heroic these woman…and effortlessly so.

  3. anntmoore says:

    Look, in the top illustration, at the precise parallel curves of the lady’s haircut and the arc of her nose. Now it took a keen eye, a sense of design, and accurate control of the scissors to pull THAT off. And, given the speed of hair growth, she’s going to have to get a trim every–what? four or five days?? Even so, easier than a nose job. (As for Debbi Baron, above–you go, girl!! –Ann)

  4. Mary says:

    I think I’m there, in re the clothes – not the old, since what I wore in France looks so over-the-top here in Southern California. I just can’t go out in jeans or a track suit. Debi, you were always there with the styles and your refusal to wear colors.

    • The issue of color is interesting. I used to always, religiously, wear grey and black. I loved them. Now, I am much more inclined toward color, toward a different kind of statement…I am very influenced by the way French woman dress…Parisian, I suppose…to be more specific. It would be interesting to analyze the difference between the way a Parisian woman dresses and a Milanese woman. Food for thought.

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