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Tastes of summer

Monique and I walked down the street, eating tomatoes like apples. We each had a big one so sweet and juicy that there was no other alternative. Juice ran down our chins and fingers until there was nothing left. I can’t tell you … Continue reading

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Cold weather bruschette with cavolo nero, or kale

Buon giorno! Ciao tutti! Come state? Che bello rivedervi! I’m pulling out all the standard phrases here and — Ma come siete belli! — and that last one for good measure, because I’m so happy to be back. At least … Continue reading

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Cherries and cold cherry soup

Forty-eight hours in France and there was something I was craving pretty badly. Cherries from this region—l’Yonne. We’ve got wonderful cherries in Italy (Vignola, Ferrovia, Durone etc.), but nothing—I’m not sure why—quite compares to these almost black beauties that are … Continue reading

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The salad days are now

The expression that’s playing around my head today is that lovely turn of phrase “the salad days.” Shakespeare wrote these words in 1606, in his play Antony and Cleopatra. A mature Cleopatra is thinking back to the days of her … Continue reading

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The favolosa—fabulous—bean

Before I moved to Italy, the only thing I new about fava beans was that Hannibal Lecter, Anthony Hopkin’s character in The Silence of the Lambs, had eaten them “with [someone’s] liver and a nice chianti.” Eww, how grizzly is … Continue reading

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The Market & The Mission

Hello, my dear friends. It’s been a while. Work, again. The usual reason for my absence. I hope you are all well and headed into a promising Spring. After weeks, nay, months of hard work, there is, in my opinion, … Continue reading

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Color Story #9: Edible Winter Roses

It’s been snowing today. So the sky and the general palette of the day are overwhelmed by whiteness (read: cold). And yet. And yet. When I walked into the vegetable vendor’s this morning, I was pleasantly ambushed by the persistent … Continue reading

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On winter, chimneys and Arthur H.

“Now in Season” is usually reserved for edibles, but just this once, I’m asking my category to widen its horizons. Fireplaces aren’t widespread in Milan, but the earthy smell of rising smoke fills my imagination if not my nostrils. The … Continue reading

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More earthiness

The posts will be short these days, as this is family time. And perhaps my creative energy, like the sun, makes itself available on a shorter schedule during these dark, northern winters. These are times for digging down, burrowing, reading … Continue reading

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Another orange food

Mother Nature knows what she’s doing, doesn’t she? Throwing us warm colors and soothing tastes when we need them most. Case in point: the pumpkin. I’ve almost missed the chance to mention another autumnal jewel, but here it is before … Continue reading

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