Urban pattern #2

I had so much fun creating the first Urban Pattern, that I thought I’d give it another whack. For this one, I chose as my starting point, a humble pedestrian ramp on Via Canonica, in Milan. The results are in. Strangely it ended in (1) A fish-scale kimono pattern (which you’ll see near the bottom of the post)—a minimalist curved take on the linear structure that I started with and (2) A repeated cloudburst pattern—shown here—in which the linear spokes, but not the silhouette itself, dominate. But that’s the fun of these exercises. You have no idea where you’ll end up.


So. Here’s what I saw, followed by what it became, more or less step by step. There’s also a half-fan version in my drawing folder, based on the original half-ramp rendering you see below, where the shape lies in layers like wings or feathers. Very nice, but maybe for another day:



Then I amused myself by making wallpapers out of a couple of them. Forgive me, Farrow & Ball for covering up your lovely wall colors.


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5 Responses to Urban pattern #2

  1. Anna says:

    Wow,Charlotte, some of these are exquisite!! You have a future in textile design! xox

  2. a lot of them look japanese to me. and really fun to see them in a room. wow! FUN!!!

  3. Mary says:

    Beautiful stuff! They are all rather Art Nouveau with a modern twist. You should definitely copyright those designs before someone snags them. Keep having fun, Charlotte!

  4. I’m totally in awe….have no idea what you did to produce these patterns but how clever to use urban influence and play with it…maybe I can apply this creativity to writing .

  5. diane says:

    So beautiful!
    …it’s interesting that from your Italian inspirations,your wallpapers seem to be from Asia
    LOVE them.

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