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Chop chop

DAY:  Wednesday MORNING MEDITATION:  Nonexistent in the formal sense. (I’m worse than Bridget Jones with her pounds lost/gained and her cigarettes.  TDC:  Today’s Daily Cure is an image that has stuck in my head since I last wrote. It’s winter … Continue reading


Remembering when

DAY:  Tuesday MORNING MEDITATION:  Quick, only ten minutes. But that was an important ten minutes as it is the beginning of starting again. I haven’t meditated in a long, long time, and my mind is both desperately in need and … Continue reading



Nothing to report about meditation. Let’s just say I am far from yogi status. Just wanted to share yesterday’s trip to the “marmista” in search of the right countertop. I love raw materials. I loved the dust in the air. … Continue reading


In our midst

DAY:  Yesterday, Tuesday MORNING MEDITATION:  Effective. Still good, though I find myself in a sort of doldrums. Does that happen to you other meditators out there? TLC:  A tree. I was walking in the park and absolutely taken by the … Continue reading


My land. Your land.

DAY:  Friday. MORNING MEDITATION:  Good. Very good. Felt almost stoned. TDC:  A song that keeps playing in my head. A certain version of that song. Sharon Jones’ singing “This Land Is Your Land”. She died recently, which makes me sad, but … Continue reading


Eye to eye

DAY:  Tuesday. MORNING MEDITATION:  Good, though sleepy. I’m working on a series of meditations about relationships. It’s a prolonged visualization exercise that I have in no way mastered. The thing I’m supposed to visualize is elusive, and other images keep cropping … Continue reading


Where meditation fails, coffee is victorious

DAY:  Tuesday MORNING MEDITATION: Well, “morning” is stretching it a bit. I squeezed it in just before lunch, regrettably. The benefits weren’t the same, having rushed from sleep to walking the dog and straight on into work without giving myself … Continue reading


It helps

DAY:  Wednesday. MORNING MEDITATION:  Well, I’ve upped it to 15 minutes. An eternity, for someone who was not really even finding time to sit still. But, then again, no, it’s not an eternity. It feels good. The guiding is dwindling … Continue reading


Neither hurry nor dither

DAY:  Monday MORNING MEDITATION:  Today’s went well. In fact, I did two. First, my usual 10 minutes of sitting in “silence.” And then, my first walking meditation. I walk all the time so adding a layer of awareness was a beautiful … Continue reading


Let there be space

DAY: Sunday, but I’m a bit behind here…there was all of last week after Monday. Hmm. Where did those days go? MORNING MEDITATION: Today’s was lovely. Calm. Ample. Do you know what I mean by that? As if the mind … Continue reading