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Chop chop

DAY:  Wednesday MORNING MEDITATION:  Nonexistent in the formal sense. (I’m worse than Bridget Jones with her pounds lost/gained and her cigarettes.  TDC:  Today’s Daily Cure is an image that has stuck in my head since I last wrote. It’s winter … Continue reading


Remembering when

DAY:  Tuesday MORNING MEDITATION:  Quick, only ten minutes. But that was an important ten minutes as it is the beginning of starting again. I haven’t meditated in a long, long time, and my mind is both desperately in need and … Continue reading



Nothing to report about meditation. Let’s just say I am far from yogi status. Just wanted to share yesterday’s trip to the “marmista” in search of the right countertop. I love raw materials. I loved the dust in the air. … Continue reading


In our midst

DAY:  Yesterday, Tuesday MORNING MEDITATION:  Effective. Still good, though I find myself in a sort of doldrums. Does that happen to you other meditators out there? TLC:  A tree. I was walking in the park and absolutely taken by the … Continue reading


My land. Your land.

DAY:  Friday. MORNING MEDITATION:  Good. Very good. Felt almost stoned. TDC:  A song that keeps playing in my head. A certain version of that song. Sharon Jones’ singing “This Land Is Your Land”. She died recently, which makes me sad, but … Continue reading


Eye to eye

DAY:  Tuesday. MORNING MEDITATION:  Good, though sleepy. I’m working on a series of meditations about relationships. It’s a prolonged visualization exercise that I have in no way mastered. The thing I’m supposed to visualize is elusive, and other images keep cropping … Continue reading


Where meditation fails, coffee is victorious

DAY:  Tuesday MORNING MEDITATION: Well, “morning” is stretching it a bit. I squeezed it in just before lunch, regrettably. The benefits weren’t the same, having rushed from sleep to walking the dog and straight on into work without giving myself … Continue reading