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Urban pattern #2

I had so much fun creating the first Urban Pattern, that I thought I’d give it another whack. For this one, I chose as my starting point, a humble pedestrian ramp on Via Canonica, in Milan. The results are in. … Continue reading

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Here’s looking at you, kid

As you’ve probably figured out by now, walking around the city is for me a cross between a sacrament and an hour of therapy. Nothing—nothing—lifts my spirits like being “out there,” observing. And I am always tickled and surprised when … Continue reading

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The street #1: Via Palermo

Because the city streets are so texturally rich, varied and unpredictable, I’m including a new category of posts called simply “The Street.” These will be small slideshows, the purpose of which is to bring you with me, street level, wherever … Continue reading

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The beautiful street

Growing up in the United States, it never dawned on me how significant the differences were in the “material realities” of the world’s myriad geographic locations. I knew of course that places looked different one from the other. (It doesn’t … Continue reading

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