Charlotte Moore is an advertising art director and creative director who moved to Europe from Portland, Oregon fifteen years ago for a temporary assignment. She never went back. She found that—no matter how deep her love for her own country—there was something calming about her new existence.

School years in Italy, summers in the French countryside—this schedule with its rhythms and innate balances gives her both intense variety and reassuring stability. But what she finds most fulfilling of all is the beauty inherent in the smallest details of both lifestyles. These cultures ask you—and teach you—to enjoy your life. To eat and drink well. To indulge in seasonal bounties. To regard the beauty around you. And that’s about it.

This website does not grow out of a profound knowledge of language or culture or culinary tradition. It’s merely the organic overflow of one woman’s ongoing attempt to really see and understand two countries that are kind enough to let her, seasonally, be a part of their fabric. It’s a learning experience without end.