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Cold weather bruschette with cavolo nero, or kale

Buon giorno! Ciao tutti! Come state? Che bello rivedervi! I’m pulling out all the standard phrases here and — Ma come siete belli! — and that last one for good measure, because I’m so happy to be back. At least … Continue reading

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Summer (Coffee) Yumminess

You never forget your first granita. Mine was the classic granita al limone on the island of Favignana. Somewhere there’s a black and white snapshot of me, bent in full concentration, over this Mediterranean wonder of ice, lemon juice and … Continue reading

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If We Are What We Eat

I confessed to a good friend of mine just yesterday that I felt stuck, lacking direction and waiting rather impatiently for my personal fog to clear. She gave me the best advice a girl could give: to enjoy the fog and … Continue reading

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How to cook octopus

(OK, Finny, if you are reading this, it is NOT for you. We’re talking fresh-out-of-the-sea, wobbly, squiggly, suckery, floppy, tentacle-y, eight-leggedy edibleness. That said, it does not have a fishy taste at all, so I’m thinking you might actually like … Continue reading

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Mozzarella in 16 easy steps: A pictorial how-to

Hello, my friends. I’m back—ecco mi qua—after a weeklong trip to the U.S. plus six days (yes, it takes me that long!) to recuperate from jet lag and re-emersion into the rhythms of life with children-in-school. And what better way … Continue reading

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Stuffed calamari: A recipe in notes and drawings

Hello again, and happy Monday morning. It’s hard to get started after such a warm, food-filled weekend as ours, so I’ll wallow for a minute or two, in what we ate which so soothed our tired urban souls. Then perhaps, … Continue reading

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Color Story #11: Winter Citrus & Cedro-Love

Winter is singing its swan song. Two days ago, we all said, “Spring is in the air.” Today, we are in the midst of our last snowstorm of the season. Despite its fearsome chill, it isn’t going to have the … Continue reading

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Ohhhhh, yesss.

Yes, ladies and gents, what I saw on the other side of the Baita’s* window, was worthy of a “When Harry Met Sally” moment. (I think we all know which moment I’m referring to.) The place is packed, tiled-floor-to-wooden-rafters, with … Continue reading

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The simple side dish

You know, the great—and I mean great—thing about Italian cookery is that it really doesn’t ask you to do very much. If you want to fuss about over your food and “create” “creations,” France is the place for you. If … Continue reading

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Some TLC for you

How are you feeling, dear Reader? Are you stuck between seasons? Do you have a runny nose or a tickly throat? Have you been hit, as I have, with your first flu of the season? Do you, regardless of your … Continue reading

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