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Red Shoes R Us

Just before Christmas, the Milan shop windows were full shoes. Red shoes. These oxfords caught my eye. They wanted to dance, or at least attend a very chic New Year’s Eve party. I love red shoes, but even as I type … Continue reading

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Memphis Stiletto Blues

Hopefully you know me well enough to know that the category designation “What We Wear” does not necessarily mean what I wear.  In this case definitely not. Not because I wouldn’t like to try, but because it would be suicide-by-shoe. … Continue reading

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Lesson in advanced Chutzpah

This isn’t me yet, but as these ladies astutely point out, some day it will be. Gotta love their chutzpah: (Please click here; you won’t regret it: Advanced Style: Age and Beauty from Ari Cohen on

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Milan color story #7: Metro-palette

I was scheduled to meet a friend last week at the Lanza Metro. We hadn’t seen each other in months and were long overdue for a cappuccino. I was early. So I parked myself above the steps leading out of … Continue reading

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Day 7: Textures and patterns

Between sea, sand and cloud, are the things made by man. Fishnets and roof tiles, shopping baskets and hats. And somehow, here at the French seaside, they all blend into a harmonious tapestry. In the realm of the manmade, the … Continue reading

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Milan color story #5: Tutti-frutti

Hello all! I’ve categorized this “What we wear” as well as “Milan color story.” Both are leggermente misleading, because I’m not wearing these colors myself, at the moment, nor are these colors native to the city. But they certainly are … Continue reading

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Keeping time, beautifully

Let it be said straight-away: I could not afford one of these watches (once manufactured for the Royal Italian Navy) but I think they are things of beauty. The name? Officine Panerai. The company is now headquartered in Neuchâtel, Switzerland, … Continue reading

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Espadrille me, baby

This post could be categorized, “What we wear / France.” Or, “What we wear / Spain,” if I were writing about Spain. But it is, at the moment, what we are wearing in Milan: Espadrilles. I’ve been wearing them for … Continue reading

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Fashion: the flip side

Thank goodness the world of clothes is utterly bi-polar, if not schizophrenic. Where there is high fashion, there is low. Where there are designers, there are people who brilliantly mimic them. While there are the boutiques of Via Monte Napoleone, … Continue reading

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“I love beauty. Eez not my fault.”

Funny. Elegant. Bitchy. Genius. And totally over the top. That’s Valentino as seen in Valentino The Last Emperor. A great documentary about the career and life—virtually one and the same—of designer Valentino Garavani. A truly touching story about a lifelong … Continue reading

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