Urban pattern #1

Hi everyone. And Happy Back-At-It. Just exited from a long tunnel of work work work. And though I’m tired and satisfied on the one hand, my creative mind (such as it is) wants to play on the other. So I’ve indulged myself in a project I’ve often thought of but never undertaken, and that is to create a pattern (such as for a textile) from texture that I see in the city. The pattern I’ve come up with is this:


And it came into being like this: From a wall fragment of the Castello Sforzesco to variations on color that could go on and on. I stopped when my heart felt happy and I had something I’d like to see printed on silk and wrapped around my own neck (even though yellow never does anything good for my skin):


This has been fun. I think I’ll try it again. #2 should be coming soon.

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17 Responses to Urban pattern #1

  1. Thanks Anna! …remember when you used to talk about painting on silk…you’d done it before and really enjoyed it…any such projects in the offing?

  2. May I order one please? Or two…or three…

  3. anntmoore says:

    That offers endless possibilities: in different sizes and various colors, for tiles (which may have been the material where you first saw it), fabrics, wallpaper, carpet, etc., etc. Nice!

  4. Janette Gross says:

    As a rug weaver, I know how much fun you are having! Here’s a site you might also enjoy – designing your own Navajo Rug: http://www.statemuseum.arizona.edu/activities/symmetry/dsgn_yr_own.shtml

  5. Mary says:

    Very nice, a new twist on Art Deco. I’d like it on lightweight canvas as a panel curtain to screen off my dining area from the main living room in my 1920’s apartment. This must be how Marimekko began!

  6. ron says:

    FUN!!! feels good doesn’t it?

  7. debbibaron says:

    Very graphic and it would look good on a scarf! Now you need to learn how to silk-screen.

  8. Anna Harrison says:

    I love the yellow! Definitely a scarf.
    Yes, I did do silk-painting and thinking of getting back into it.

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