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Lesson in advanced Chutzpah

This isn’t me yet, but as these ladies astutely point out, some day it will be. Gotta love their chutzpah: (Please click here; you won’t regret it: Advanced Style: Age and Beauty from Ari Cohen on Nowness.com.)

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Transitions/Color Story #8: A baguette travels to Italy

This wasn’t initially written as a poem (I’m not a poet) but it really wanted to look like one, so I obliged. Every time we say we’re going to travel light. And every time it’s like moving a circus complete … Continue reading

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Lugano color story #1: Black and cream

Today, a story from the archives. Rewind to that March day-trip to Lugano. Under undecided skies, the lakeside city (or is it a town?) of Lugano revealed its true duo-toned heart to me. After having taken several photographs, I realized … Continue reading

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Milan color story #1

Ochres and terracottas. These colors seduce my heart in the first days of Autumn. Perhaps because of the bittersweet interplay between their inherent warmth and the weakening power of the sun. (We cling to warmth wherever we can find it, … Continue reading

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Vendredi = market day = bliss

Last days of summer. Last open market in France for me, at least until my next stay. So I had to capture some small parts of it to immortalize in the digital realm. Markets, here and in Italy, have long … Continue reading

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The importance of blue

As summer draws to a close, I try hard to photograph with my mind’s eye all the textures and colors that I love so much here in Burgundy. It doesn’t take long to realize that the sheer uniformity of palette, … Continue reading

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