Memphis Stiletto Blues

Hopefully you know me well enough to know that the category designation “What We Wear” does not necessarily mean what I wear.  In this case definitely not. Not because I wouldn’t like to try, but because it would be suicide-by-shoe. What with the ubiquitous cobblestones and the fact that I seem to run everywhere I go these day.


Nevertheless, let us celebrate the ridiculous taken to a luscious extreme, shall we? Spotted in the vicinity of Via Moscova last week, a boutique dedicated to all things Memphis (yes, the style does persist here and there in Milan where it came into being in the 80s—brainchild of Ettore Sottsass)*, including a new line of shoes by Sergio Rossi. Eye Candy? To be sure. Foot Candy? I’m not betting on it.


•Interestingly, according to Wikipedia, the name Memphis was chosen because the first night the Memphis design collective met, they listened repeatedly to the Bob Dylan song, “Stuck inside of Mobile with the Memphis Blues Again.” How’s that for wacky?

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3 Responses to Memphis Stiletto Blues

  1. Janette Gross says:

    How DO women in Milan wear these shoes? Only inside and change for the street? Imagine a matching shoe tote!

  2. Anna Harrison says:

    They are definitely works of art, if unwearable…

  3. ron says:

    my little buttercup gets a shoe-themed calendar every year. if she has an addiction, it’s shoes. or cleaning. no, shoes.

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