It’s in the details

My beleaguered Harry’s ashtray says it all: when you’ve been there, you want to hold on to the experience forever. As Cipriani the Younger says, “Treat people like kings, and kings like people.” This video says so much about why we who love Italy love Italy. The country, the people, despite the many problems that define their day to day existence give and give and give of themselves…

Immortal Venice: Harry’s Bar on



My thanks and credit once again to for sharing a glimpse into something I love on the web.

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2 Responses to It’s in the details

  1. PEIROUX says:

    mine is blue i love it …

  2. PEIROUX says:

    je parlais du cendrier…concerning the restorant …so expensive but so exciting place and every body very charming ..and the cocktails….mummmmm !!

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