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Rain, rain go away—per favore.

When I was a kid, we used to say, “April showers bring May flowers.” But we can change that, in Italy, this year to “April showers are moving in for the duration, and they’ve brought their grumpy in-laws with them.” … Continue reading

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A House that is Love

I saw the film “I Am Love” when it came out in 2009. And though I appreciated—dare I say “loved”—the visual style of it, the movie itself left me a little cold. And yet…and yet…there was something about it that … Continue reading

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Color Story #11: Winter Citrus & Cedro-Love

Winter is singing its swan song. Two days ago, we all said, “Spring is in the air.” Today, we are in the midst of our last snowstorm of the season. Despite its fearsome chill, it isn’t going to have the … Continue reading

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Urban Pattern #3: From Milan to Africa to Miami

I’ve been walking a lot lately. Just to get the physical and mental kinks out. There are a lot of them to unravel, believe me. But as long as there’s stuff to look at, I’m happily drugged into a state … Continue reading

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Urban pattern #2

I had so much fun creating the first Urban Pattern, that I thought I’d give it another whack. For this one, I chose as my starting point, a humble pedestrian ramp on Via Canonica, in Milan. The results are in. … Continue reading

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Urban pattern #1

Hi everyone. And Happy Back-At-It. Just exited from a long tunnel of work work work. And though I’m tired and satisfied on the one hand, my creative mind (such as it is) wants to play on the other. So I’ve … Continue reading

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Your bottom goes here:

You know how certain objects (or maybe all of them) have a soul? How they call to you, give comfort, listen and ultimately share their lives with you or at least witness important—and incredibly insignificant—bits and pieces of yours? How … Continue reading

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The Street #4: Milanese morning

Nothing like a walk first thing in the morning to get the kinks out. And the caffeine in. The rain stopped yesterday, so today was all about saturated colors and scant glimpses of blue in a decidedly autumnal sky. I … Continue reading

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Postcard #17: Never forget.

First thing this morning, almost, I went downtown to the Picasso exhibit at the Palazzo Reale. Even though it doesn’t include “Guernica,” the show starts with a massive projection of the piece in the amazing Sala delle Cariatidi, the Caryatid … Continue reading

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Milan color story #7: Metro-palette

I was scheduled to meet a friend last week at the Lanza Metro. We hadn’t seen each other in months and were long overdue for a cappuccino. I was early. So I parked myself above the steps leading out of … Continue reading

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