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Color story #13: The blue of blue

(Yes, Linda! Spring, blessedly, is coming!) “The other day, my daughter asked me what my favorite color was, and I irritated her the way I sometimes do by answering this question with one of my own: “To look at, or … Continue reading

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Color Story #11: Winter Citrus & Cedro-Love

Winter is singing its swan song. Two days ago, we all said, “Spring is in the air.” Today, we are in the midst of our last snowstorm of the season. Despite its fearsome chill, it isn’t going to have the … Continue reading

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Urban Pattern #3: From Milan to Africa to Miami

I’ve been walking a lot lately. Just to get the physical and mental kinks out. There are a lot of them to unravel, believe me. But as long as there’s stuff to look at, I’m happily drugged into a state … Continue reading

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On winter, chimneys and Arthur H.

“Now in Season” is usually reserved for edibles, but just this once, I’m asking my category to widen its horizons. Fireplaces aren’t widespread in Milan, but the earthy smell of rising smoke fills my imagination if not my nostrils. The … Continue reading

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More earthiness

The posts will be short these days, as this is family time. And perhaps my creative energy, like the sun, makes itself available on a shorter schedule during these dark, northern winters. These are times for digging down, burrowing, reading … Continue reading

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