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The Smile

I haven’t been here in a long time, and I’ve really missed it. I’ve missed you all! I’ve been in a vortex – tunnel – tidal wave – whatever you wanna call it of selling, buying and moving houses. And … Continue reading

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Mise-en-place: a way of life

It’s no secret. I’m not very good at blogging while I’m working. I’m a freelancer, and the work I do requires full-on attention when I get it. Usually I’ll have three days or a week or three weeks (if I’m … Continue reading

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Postcard #18: All funning aside

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The voting results are in!

I know. I know. We’re likely to see days of legal battles before we know who the next president of the United States is likely to be, but The Daily Cure/Harry’s Bar straw pole has reached a pretty definitive conclusion. … Continue reading

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Cocktails and presidential polls

The Daily Cure is usually closed on Saturday, but this morning’s local paper, L’Yonne Republicaine, had a little article too good to pass up. Apparently, Harry’s New York Bar in Paris (5 Rue Daunue, or as the window announces to … Continue reading

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Postcard #17: Never forget.

First thing this morning, almost, I went downtown to the Picasso exhibit at the Palazzo Reale. Even though it doesn’t include “Guernica,” the show starts with a massive projection of the piece in the amazing Sala delle Cariatidi, the Caryatid … Continue reading

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“Habituating” myself, Jefferson-style

I know it’s dreadfully tacky to begin articles, essays and thoughts in general with quotes, but indulge me. Being in the country makes me think about other people for whom country living is or was important. And so, sometimes, I … Continue reading

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