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Italy still cracks me up

I’ve been here—OK, we figured it out a couple posts ago—seventeen years. And in all that time, there are still things about this country that make me laugh out loud. Particularly when I compare them to their American equivalent. No, … Continue reading

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La Cartoleria

I have always loved paper, and most things made of paper. I love all weights and textures of the wood-pulp wonder. I love different configurations of rules, margins, grids and holes. I love binders and boxes and envelopes. I love … Continue reading

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Milan color story #7: Metro-palette

I was scheduled to meet a friend last week at the Lanza Metro. We hadn’t seen each other in months and were long overdue for a cappuccino. I was early. So I parked myself above the steps leading out of … Continue reading

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Happy day, happy tram.

I’ve written about the Milanese tram before. But I couldn’t resist taking a closer look, yesterday, when all things conspired to make it a perfectly, perfect morning to do nothing but ride up and down line 19 on TRAM No. … Continue reading

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To tell the truth…

I hate blogging, I really do. I don’t particularly like writing, and photography bores me. I don’t care if anyone reads my blog, either, because what difference does it make? It’s just communication, and that’s not high on my list … Continue reading

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Savoring the Roman T(heat)er

Today, which was more sweltering than yesterday, I had the unique honor of accompanying my eleven year old’s class on a walking tour of Roman Milan. It was, in a word, fascinating. I could go on and on about the … Continue reading

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Milan color story #3: Pink

Pink is not my favorite color. Never has been. But, I have grown to like the pinks that pop up here and there in Milan like peonies out of season. I am in love with the beat-up, pink Vespa that … Continue reading

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Torno subito

For Janet. Here’s an Italian phrase worth knowing. Simple. Useful. Completely analogous to its English version. And constantly in fashion: Torno subito. “I’ll be right back.” I expect that in every culture in the world it means exactly two things. … Continue reading

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Fashion: the flip side

Thank goodness the world of clothes is utterly bi-polar, if not schizophrenic. Where there is high fashion, there is low. Where there are designers, there are people who brilliantly mimic them. While there are the boutiques of Via Monte Napoleone, … Continue reading

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When Toys really R Us

If you’re like me, you’re sick to death of the proliferation of cheap stuff. And you’re even sicker of the way you get sucked into participating in the consumption of it, even when you’re philosophically and morally opposed to it. … Continue reading

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