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Postcard #17: Never forget.

First thing this morning, almost, I went downtown to the Picasso exhibit at the Palazzo Reale. Even though it doesn’t include “Guernica,” the show starts with a massive projection of the piece in the amazing Sala delle Cariatidi, the Caryatid … Continue reading

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Confession #6: The air we breathe

You can’t see it, of course, but air is one of the defining ingredients of a place. It can inspire as much longing or nostalgia as a certain type of bread or the view from a window in a room … Continue reading

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Crispy memories

This past Saturday we ate at Trattoria Ponte Rosso. The lunch was simultaneously satisfying, light, inventive and delicious—almost the same adjectives I would use to describe the place itself, tucked into one of those ancient, slightly sagging buildings on one … Continue reading

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Postcard #4: Missing. Remembering.

[Because there is no one to send this to me, I send it to myself: I love Italy, the gifts is has given me, the sense of family and place and belonging—though I will always and forever be a foreigner—and … Continue reading

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New feature: “Memories Of”

This post is the first in a new category of “The Daily {French-Italian} Cure” called “Memories Of.” These posts will be the contributions of others who have lived in or visited either Italy or France, and have a certain memory … Continue reading

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