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Last day of the year. Pensive. Warm. Still.

This post could easily have been “Color Story: Neutral” but that wouldn’t have said anything about the way it all feels. It almost feels “lazy” but that isn’t the right word at all. Not in this Life, anyway, in which … Continue reading

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Spotted today on the road between Cravant and Auxerre: bare trees dotted with luxurious orbs of olive green mistletoe. A graphic designer couldn’t have done better. All the elements of good design respected in full. Balance. Pattern. Composition. Imbalance. Interruption. … Continue reading

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The voting results are in!

I know. I know. We’re likely to see days of legal battles before we know who the next president of the United States is likely to be, but The Daily Cure/Harry’s Bar straw pole has reached a pretty definitive conclusion. … Continue reading

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Transitions/Color Story #8: A baguette travels to Italy

This wasn’t initially written as a poem (I’m not a poet) but it really wanted to look like one, so I obliged. Every time we say we’re going to travel light. And every time it’s like moving a circus complete … Continue reading

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Cocktails and presidential polls

The Daily Cure is usually closed on Saturday, but this morning’s local paper, L’Yonne Republicaine, had a little article too good to pass up. Apparently, Harry’s New York Bar in Paris (5 Rue Daunue, or as the window announces to … Continue reading

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The Street #3: A walk in Burgundy

Yesterday in Burgundy, it was, in a word, wet. If jack-o-lanterns had been out grinning the night before, there was no sign of them. Gray skies, puddles, the first skeletal branches, and lingering green pressed in on all sides. It … Continue reading

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Calendar: 30 days hath November

I was recently asked to design a calendar for a client. Within 48 hours, in which I submitted my estimate, the request was withdrawn, but not before I’d had time to research all the beautiful and ingenious calendars there are … Continue reading

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On winter, chimneys and Arthur H.

“Now in Season” is usually reserved for edibles, but just this once, I’m asking my category to widen its horizons. Fireplaces aren’t widespread in Milan, but the earthy smell of rising smoke fills my imagination if not my nostrils. The … Continue reading

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Some TLC for you

How are you feeling, dear Reader? Are you stuck between seasons? Do you have a runny nose or a tickly throat? Have you been hit, as I have, with your first flu of the season? Do you, regardless of your … Continue reading

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Postcard #15: Auxerre in layers

[Dear You, Sometimes in these old European cities it’s hard to separate all the layers. Where does foreground end and background begin? Where does past stop and present start?]

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