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The importance of lavender

My first post here was entitled “The importance of blue.” That was August 8, 2010. Nearly 5 years have gone by, and in those 5 years, so much has happened, hasn’t it? For you, I hope they’ve been 5 amazing years … Continue reading

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Spotted today on the road between Cravant and Auxerre: bare trees dotted with luxurious orbs of olive green mistletoe. A graphic designer couldn’t have done better. All the elements of good design respected in full. Balance. Pattern. Composition. Imbalance. Interruption. … Continue reading

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Postcard #15: Auxerre in layers

[Dear You, Sometimes in these old European cities it’s hard to separate all the layers. Where does foreground end and background begin? Where does past stop and present start?]

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Tomorrow, in tiny packages

We’re in the midst of a heat wave here in France. Canicule. The temperature doesn’t even drop sufficiently at night for the house to catch a breather. Fortunately, the old walls are thick and well-insulated and, yes, we make it … Continue reading

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The gentlest architecture

The weekend passed with little excitement, lots of work, and variable weather. Nothing major happened, which, as we all know is a sort of blessing in disguise. I took long walks with the (younger) dog when time permitted; the old … Continue reading

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Transitions: Getting there

There is nothing about the drive to Bougogne that isn’t, in its own way, picturesque and captivating. Between Milan and “nowhere in particular” in the middle of France, there is one beautiful sight after another. Castles. Alps. Amazing tunnels. Valleys. … Continue reading

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Postcard #14: Bright lights big city

[You know you’re in a small town when the “big” town where you do your shopping looks like this.]

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