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Well Hung

Remember that scene in Mommy Dearest, when the Joan Crawford character is screaming at her daughter about wire coat hangers and how much she can’t stand them? Edited, it basically goes like this: “No… wire… hangers! … What’re wire hangers … Continue reading

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Cocktails and presidential polls

The Daily Cure is usually closed on Saturday, but this morning’s local paper, L’Yonne Republicaine, had a little article too good to pass up. Apparently, Harry’s New York Bar in Paris (5 Rue Daunue, or as the window announces to … Continue reading

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Past-present perfume

How do you categorize a post that belongs to the world of today, yesterday, scent, memory and the obliteration of geographical borders and time zones? What title do you give a subject that is big enough to fill your imagination … Continue reading

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Memories Of / #2

I owe my sincere thanks to an old friend (from the Martin Agency days) and great story-teller, Daniel “Catfish” Russ, for this beautiful memory of France some years back. Please check out Daniel’s blog here. One more thing before I … Continue reading

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