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Color Story #16: Winter warmth

Cold has come. And as we all sort of thought it might, it came hard. We were so lulled into the warmth, so used to it, that when the cold came it took us, sillies that we are, by surprised. … Continue reading

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Old beauty.

That make-it-pretty gene? The French have it too. Let things get old. Honor them. Live with them. Stack them. Layer them. Let them be. The hilltop town of Vézelay is the proof.

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A different sky

It was sunny and hot for weeks. And then as intensely as it had been feverish, it was the opposite. Sweaters out of the mothballs. And a chance to look at things under a different sky.

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The importance of lavender

My first post here was entitled “The importance of blue.” That was August 8, 2010. Nearly 5 years have gone by, and in those 5 years, so much has happened, hasn’t it? For you, I hope they’ve been 5 amazing years … Continue reading

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Color Story #12: Brown is the new black

Well, I don’t know about you, but for us it’s been “one of those summers.” Long, beautiful, hot, (at times) stormy and punctuated by curveballs. There’s been a lot to take care of, tend to, fix, arrange…a lot of emotions … Continue reading

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The Street #3: A walk in Burgundy

Yesterday in Burgundy, it was, in a word, wet. If jack-o-lanterns had been out grinning the night before, there was no sign of them. Gray skies, puddles, the first skeletal branches, and lingering green pressed in on all sides. It … Continue reading

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Postcard #15: Auxerre in layers

[Dear You, Sometimes in these old European cities it’s hard to separate all the layers. Where does foreground end and background begin? Where does past stop and present start?]

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Tomorrow, in tiny packages

We’re in the midst of a heat wave here in France. Canicule. The temperature doesn’t even drop sufficiently at night for the house to catch a breather. Fortunately, the old walls are thick and well-insulated and, yes, we make it … Continue reading

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Postcard #14: Bright lights big city

[You know you’re in a small town when the “big” town where you do your shopping looks like this.]

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An uncertain invitation.

I suppose if I had to name the greatest invention of all time, it would not be the wheel. But the door. It, alone, wouldn’t have led to the Industrial Revolution, but it issued the greatest metaphorical invitation of all … Continue reading

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