Cocktails and presidential polls

The Daily Cure is usually closed on Saturday, but this morning’s local paper, L’Yonne Republicaine, had a little article too good to pass up. Apparently, Harry’s New York Bar in Paris (5 Rue Daunue, or as the window announces to aid American pronunciation, “SANK ROO DOE NOO”) has been conducting a presidential “straw vote” since 1924.

In that time, Americans have been invited to present their passports and, assuming they pass muster, vote. The results of the Harry’s Bar vote have only erred twice in the history of the ritual. Before, after and during voting, one quaffs various concoctions and eats hotdogs. The Bloody Mary is recommended, I understand. (Rumor has it that The (actual) White House calls Harry’s Bar without identifying itself to see who is winning. It just might be true, don’t you think?)

I thought it would be fun to conduct our own straw poll here. This isn’t Harry’s Bar and I don’t have a liquor license, but all things being possible in the virtual world, let’s take a stab at it. You can be political with cocktail in hand. Only political. Or only cocktailish. Take your pick, and let’s see what happens! A tout à l’heure. And may the best man win.

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5 Responses to Cocktails and presidential polls

  1. Mary says:

    What a coincidence, I was just in Paris last Friday and stayed at 6 rue Daunue and was thrilled to get a chance to go have a cocktail. My candidate wasn’t on the ballot, though.

  2. Anna Harrison says:

    But didn’t we go Harry’s Bar in Venice?

  3. We did, but they are two separate establishments. The Harry’s in Venice is owned by Cipriani. It’s where the Bellini was invented. Harry’s New York Bar in Paris is a different thing, as far as I know. That was a beautiful trip, wasn’t it?

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