Milan color story #5: Tutti-frutti

Hello all! I’ve categorized this “What we wear” as well as “Milan color story.” Both are leggermente misleading, because I’m not wearing these colors myself, at the moment, nor are these colors native to the city. But they certainly are EVERYWHERE right this minute. And I was taken with them while walking a couple days ago. So here we go! Fasten your eye-belts. They are quite the ride. And I love them.

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10 Responses to Milan color story #5: Tutti-frutti

  1. Ann Moore says:

    Did you ever see the film, “The Red Shoes,” with Moira Shearer? Oh, my goodness. I must have been in my teens (well yes, I see “1948” in the Amazon ad, which you’ll find here:–so I was 16). And, as I recall, that was Moira Shearer’s entree into the American consciousness. What a movie!

    (More on the subject of shoes–in another vein: Do you have a copy of “The Darktown Strutters’ Ball”?
    “Gonna dance out both my shoes
    when they play those jellyroll blues
    tomorrow night at the Darktown Strutters’ Ball–
    B! A! Double L!–Ball!!”

    Louis Armstrong, I think. Love that one!!)

  2. Lovely! Must take a trip to Milan. Here in Varese, 45km away, not seen these shades … yet!

  3. Debra Kolkka says:

    I want the green shoes!

  4. PEIROUX says:

    a little sad colours itsn’ot it ??? when you can have real wonderfull & nice other one …….grey……”anthracite”…deep grey…deep blue…you know????
    LOL kisses

  5. Wonderful to see such creative use of color. Sigh, another grey day here in the PNW!.

  6. If only you knew how I miss those grey days! I think that’s why I like being in France so much…it reminds me of Oregon. A lot. Are you going to the W+K party?

  7. Joselin says:

    So just why are you NOT wearing these colors? Bright shoes always make me happy. (And I love the orange Mary Janes!)

  8. ceciliag says:

    Actually I really love the little ballet flats, those I would wear, and the first shoes i would have as a center piece on my summer table! Wild! c

  9. I see I’m not the only one that uses odd things for table center pieces! I’m a ballet flat girl too…do too much walking for much else.

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