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Hanging right out there

‘Tis the season—well, actually, when isn’t it?—to eschew your fine urban frocks and to hang out unselfconsciously on your own balcony. ‘Tis the season to be plucking dead leaves from your geraniums. Watering. Humming a mindless tune. Perhaps sipping on … Continue reading

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Next time

I’ve spoken already of the importance of neighborhood in Milanese life, of the way you grow to know those who give you your daily bread, coffee and apple. This morning I was reminded again of how gratifying it is to … Continue reading

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The salumeria

The pressures of modern life, even here, all but dictate that you can’t always have that perfect home-made meal on the table. (Sorry, Martha.) So you turn to your neighborhood lifeline: the salumeria. This is the place where—for more than … Continue reading

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Postcard #2: Farmacia Milanese

[The juxtaposition of textures and designs in this city is over-the-top. If your eyes are open, you cannot get bored. This pharmacy’s location is a perfect example. Pharmacies, in general, are a sensual treat here in Milan. More on that … Continue reading

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The beautiful street

Growing up in the United States, it never dawned on me how significant the differences were in the “material realities” of the world’s myriad geographic locations. I knew of course that places looked different one from the other. (It doesn’t … Continue reading

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