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Small scale production

NOTE: If you’re vegetarian, and this topic offends you, I’m sorry. But it’s the best way I know to illustrate something about Italian life that I’m extremely grateful for. Small-scale food production. What I’m about to say may not be … Continue reading

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The door within the door

As I was buzzing around town photographing citofoni, I realized there was another common feature of Milanese doors that has always fascinated me. The little door inside the big door. Many of the older palazzi have large double wooden doors, … Continue reading

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Doing the write thing

When I was little, my grandmother who’d been raised in New Orleans and had been heavily influenced by all things French, wrote me letters in a beautiful script that I found utterly illegible and as beautiful as a fairytale. Her … Continue reading

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Monday: Living the rhythm

Every culture has its own rhythms. We in the US have our 24/7, on the go-go. Spain has its siesta and late dinners. Italy has, well, Italy has Sunday’s decidedly off and—for better or worse—the weekly chiusura settimanale or “weekly … Continue reading

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Sunday pizzata.

I know you saw this coming. Sooner or later, this blog was bound to be about pizza, that more or less inevitable comestible, if one is talking about the pleasures of Italy. So, I bow to predictability. Once a weekend, … Continue reading

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Chestnuts. Castagne. Caldarroste.

They’re here. Falling from the trees Spilling from boxes at the fruit and veg vendor. Bursting from their spiny skins. Bulging in the rough, burlap sacks that the street vendors buy in bulk. Each one a miniature work of art, … Continue reading

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Postcard #3: Arco Della Pace

[Most postcards that you find at the tobacconists are old, dusty, sepia things that depict the city’s monuments from a distance. They are cool, funky artifacts and they definitely capture that stately remove that—over time—becomes invisibility. I wanted to make … Continue reading

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