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An uncertain invitation.

I suppose if I had to name the greatest invention of all time, it would not be the wheel. But the door. It, alone, wouldn’t have led to the Industrial Revolution, but it issued the greatest metaphorical invitation of all … Continue reading

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Pee Wee Herman once said that he loved fruit salad so much, he thought he’d marry it. I’m already married, but my monogamous bliss may be under attack even as we speak by an equally unsuitable suitor. “The interloper?” you … Continue reading

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The door within the door

As I was buzzing around town photographing citofoni, I realized there was another common feature of Milanese doors that has always fascinated me. The little door inside the big door. Many of the older palazzi have large double wooden doors, … Continue reading

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Can I come in?

It’s a memory: I don’t live in Milan yet. But I’m visiting the city with one of my best friends, Keith. We’ve had a couple cocktails too many, and we’re roaming the swanky Via Senato aimlessly going I-don’t-remember-where. Keith’s eye, … Continue reading

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