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Canine Prayers etc.

Part I: The Department of Prayers I saw this posted inside the Duomo of Sant’Andrea (images posted below) in the beautiful mountain town of Carrara. It’s “The Dog’s Prayer” translated from Italian: Oh Lord of all creatures, see that man, my owner, … Continue reading

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That says it all

Excellent interactive feature in the New York Times today about the use of hand gestures in Italian communication. Too good to be described, so I’ll just give you the link: A Short Lexicon of Italian Hand Gestures. And here’s the … Continue reading

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Some advice from the ladies

This has nothing to do with Italy or France. It’s just a musing of mine on this post-election morning. Today, as happens on many days, I looked in the mirror only to realize that I’m one day older. This aging … Continue reading

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Beautiful, bilingual, macaronic mash-up

What I overheard last weekend coming from my daughters’ bedroom: It’s the kind of thing the older one says, with facility, howling with laughter. An alliterative, language-loving mixture of her two mother tongues. Something I could never hope to concoct, … Continue reading

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Thoughts on gender and two watering cans

I’ve been searching assiduously for an old watering can. The galvanized kind. The kind that’s already lasted forever and still has life in it. New at the gardening store here, they are 60 euros. That’s a pretty strong case to … Continue reading

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You, too, are an honorary Italian

I apologize in advance to my Italian readers who may find this post terribly cliché or just simple-minded on my part. But this is one of those things that, as an American and an outsider, I find both endlessly entertaining … Continue reading

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Rust never sleeps

Are you ready for a weak hello, from far away, squeaking imperceptibly from the jaws of the tin-man? Because that’s what it feels like—finding my blogger’s voice after so long. “Sono arrugginita,” I’d say in Italian. I’m rusted. Rusted over. … Continue reading

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