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Milan color story #6: Heat wave yellow

I didn’t blog yesterday. Couldn’t. The Southerner in me dictated inactivity. It was just too damn hot. You could have fried one of those goose eggs I wrote about on the sidewalk. Or on your car hood. Or on your … Continue reading

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Postcard #4: Missing. Remembering.

[Because there is no one to send this to me, I send it to myself: I love Italy, the gifts is has given me, the sense of family and place and belonging—though I will always and forever be a foreigner—and … Continue reading

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Summer’s end

Summer is almost over. Again. We are counting down the days, inserting all the incremental fractions to make them last longer. It’s hard to believe that what seems like yesterday was the day we arrived, exhausted from our year, ready … Continue reading

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