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Postcard #12: Furniture “500”

[Perhaps not the most sophisticated design—but charming none the less: A picnic scene built around furniture made from the original Fiat 500. The Japanese were all over it. “Cin-cin!”]

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Postcard #11: Francobollo

[Sometimes the reason for the postcard is nothing more than the beautiful stamp you get to put on it. And while we’re on the subject, my little girl asked me yesterday: “Mom, how come when we see something beautiful, we … Continue reading

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Postcard #10: Helvetia

[Took a 1/2-day trip to Lugano today. Arrived early. The lake was haunting in tones of gray, white and black despite the warmness of the still-winter sun. Astonishing contrast between the old-world look of the lake front and the ubiquitous … Continue reading

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Postcard #9: A world apart

Imagine, if you will, one of those accordian-folded postcards with multiple images of the same place. This one is for you: [Brainchild of designer Carla Sozzani—sister of Vogue/Italia’s editor, Franca—10 Corso Como never fails to inspire me. It was worth … Continue reading

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Postcard #8: The Armani Wall

[There are intersections that define a city, that contain so many characteristic elements of the place as to become “institutional” landmarks. The corner of Via Broletto and Via dell’Orso with its eternal Armani wall is one such location. I was … Continue reading

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Postcard #7: The Shoe

[It may not be Milan’s most refined installation, but this pink pump perched atop an old red fiat never ceases to make me smile to myself. It sits there amidst parked cars—just at roof/head level—saying, “Oh come on. Get your … Continue reading

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Postcard #6: Merry-sur-Yonne

[Yesterday. Overcast. Beautiful. Autumn colors as intense as a drug addict’s dream. We went for a walk while Roberto fished. Me and the girls and the dog. And there again, that feeling of peace—even if fleeting—and so much gratitude.]

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Postcard #5: Wilde posting

[Saw this in a bath shop window under a display of exquisite sinks and faucets. Other windows featured quotes by Kant, Cicero, Dylan Thomas, Victor Hugo. But this one spoke to me. “Beauty is the wonder of wonders.” Indeed it … Continue reading

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Postcard #4: Missing. Remembering.

[Because there is no one to send this to me, I send it to myself: I love Italy, the gifts is has given me, the sense of family and place and belonging—though I will always and forever be a foreigner—and … Continue reading

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Postcard #3: Arco Della Pace

[Most postcards that you find at the tobacconists are old, dusty, sepia things that depict the city’s monuments from a distance. They are cool, funky artifacts and they definitely capture that stately remove that—over time—becomes invisibility. I wanted to make … Continue reading

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