Postcard #9: A world apart

Imagine, if you will, one of those accordian-folded postcards with multiple images of the same place. This one is for you:

[Brainchild of designer Carla Sozzani—sister of Vogue/Italia’s editor, Franca—10 Corso Como never fails to inspire me. It was worth drinking a €5.50 cappuccino just to sit inside its multi-textured, multi-patterned, multi-materialed madness. We didn’t have time to hit the photo gallery or book/music store, but 10 minutes in the cafe and 15 in the boutique/museum were enough to recharge my creative batteries. The screens, paintings and ironworks by artist Kris Ruhs (American) together with Sozzani’s eye create a world apart—and we need that, no?]

IMAGES, from top to bottom: The entrance. One corner of the cafe/lounge. The cafe’s ceiling. Another view of the cafe/lounge. The upper portion of one corner (note the birds, who come and go at will). The entrance to “3 Rooms,” the boutique-hotel at 10 Corso Como which has, literally, 3 rooms.

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2 Responses to Postcard #9: A world apart

  1. bagnidilucca says:

    I have taken thay same shot of the entrance to the 3 rooms at 10 Corso Como.

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