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Sicilian—or is that Milanese?—slaw

On occasion, we have lunch at one of my favorite restaurants in Milan, a hole in the wall in the Chinese district called Ottimo Fiore. Excellent flower. It’s Sicilian, and its walls are covered with photos of famous diners, such … Continue reading

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“Modern” mash-up

It’s easy to relate to the antiquity in Milan. The “old” in Italy is what we see in romantic films; it’s what we think of when we think of Rome. When we imagine ourselves running down Italian city streets, they … Continue reading

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Postcard #7: The Shoe

[It may not be Milan’s most refined installation, but this pink pump perched atop an old red fiat never ceases to make me smile to myself. It sits there amidst parked cars—just at roof/head level—saying, “Oh come on. Get your … Continue reading

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A day in the office

I could go on and on ad nauseam about the advantages of freelancing, but then I’d be a terrific bore, and what’s the point of that? Suffice it to say that I feel lucky to have choice, right-of-refusal, and the … Continue reading

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It seems that all I talk about lately is food. It’s not really the case, but it is fair to say that with cold weather rolling in, my interest in tucking into yumminess of all descriptions is increasing. I indulge … Continue reading

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Just tossing something together

As destiny would have it, the year before I moved to Italy I bought a book called 100 Pasta Sauces. I don’t remember actually making anything out of the book, but I do remember thinking, “A hundred. Hmm. That’s a … Continue reading

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Once again, I’m in Italy, but I’m thinking of France. Or rather, I’m thinking of some things that we have in France. I’d like to lay my hands on them now, as in touching them I’m reminded of what life … Continue reading

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