Pick me up

It’s now official: when I’m working, I’m not blogging, and vice versa. This girl just finds it too difficult to pull off both at the same time, or at least I did this go round. And I must admit that I miss my Daily Cures when I’m not taking them, well, daily. So I’m back, starting small, with the necessities of life: Olives.

I always liked olives, but until I came to Italy I’d never met an olive that convinced me to compromise my sense of dignity and decorum. I have now, for some years, been well acquainted with that olive. I buy it at the open-air market or at my fruit and veg vendor’s— 2 etti (200 grams) dumped uncerimoniously into a plastic bag. These olives, referred to here as “Dolci di Puglia” (there are also “Dolci di Napoli”) are giant, bright green olives, with a ridiculously abundant amount of flesh which tends toward sweet rather than salty/sour.

Una tira l’altra, as they say—”one pulls the other”—meaning as the Lay’s people claimed so long ago, “No one can eat just one.” I tell myself that they give me eternally, beautiful skin and other age-defying benefits. I know this isn’t true, but what is undoubtedly true is this: they make me happy. They improve my morale. And so I think I’ll eat just one more. That one there with the stem…

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9 Responses to Pick me up

  1. anna says:

    Nice one!

    • charlotte says:

      Hey you! So glad you’re there…I’ve been thinking a lot about you and things you’ve written for me. I want to publish the one about potatoes, but I’m pondering the visuals…thinking I might try to make them myself…

  2. PEIROUX says:

    Wonderfull pictures
    i just say : MIAM MIAM !!!!!!

  3. Cook-Tench says:

    I enjoyed toasted olive bread for breakfast this morning, baked by a Greek baker. Perfect with this wonderful post.

  4. Mom Moore says:

    As one whose sole acquaintance with olives before adulthood had been confined to the little black-green ones with red pimiento centers (you mean olives didn’t grow that way??!), I am amazed and delighted with these pictures that make them look like little elongated green apples. What do they taste like? –Mom

  5. NazarBlue says:

    These olives are my most favorite food item.. You can taste these olives as fruits – and there really is no limit to how many you can eat in one sitting!

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