Color Story #16: Winter warmth

Cold has come. And as we all sort of thought it might, it came hard. We were so lulled into the warmth, so used to it, that when the cold came it took us, sillies that we are, by surprised.


Hunched and huddled, we walk the pavements, looking for warmth wherever it might be. My eye zooms to yellow, and thankfully yellow is abundant in Italy. Metaphorical warmth wherever you look. Palazzi, bicycles, the last window box flowers, clinging to fading glory.

img_5758 img_5760Even renovations in progress catch my eye. A splash of yellow paint. The words BAR on an awning. A tea label displayed outside a café in Brera. Yellow, yellow, yellow. The sun is doing a pathetic job, but we will find what we need where we can.

img_5763img_5766img_5770I hope you find warmth wherever you are, and it finds you.



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5 Responses to Color Story #16: Winter warmth

  1. dayphoto says:

    I love yellow also! To me it is a HAPPY color! And fall is just full of yellows and gold and oranges and rust. The world is brimming with HAPPY!

    I always enjoy your posts! You know how to reach out and touch us in our hearts, and minds, and our souls!


  2. Debra Kolkka says:

    We have had gorgeous weather in and around Bagni di Lucca for the past week. I am now in Rome on my way home and today was warm and sunny. Tomorrow I go to Helsinki where I expect 0 degrees and light snow.

    • Wow, thank! That’s what I dream of doing, but I so often feel I fall way short of the mark. Maybe because I compare myself to other people and their blogs too often…I guess we each have our own way…

  3. Oh NO! If you are getting the cold – it will come here soon I suppose – sigh – glad you found some cheerfulness in your cityscape! Love – love.. c

  4. Gerlinde says:

    I am in California where fall means warm days , cool nights and hopefully a lot of rain. I like yellow, it is a calming and warming color.

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