Canine Prayers etc.

Part I: The Department of Prayers

I saw this posted inside the Duomo of Sant’Andrea (images posted below) in the beautiful mountain town of Carrara. It’s “The Dog’s Prayer” translated from Italian:

Oh Lord of all creatures, see that man, my owner,
is as faithful towards other men, as I am  faithful to him.
Make sure that he is affectionate to his family and his friends,
as I am affectionate with him.
See that he protects all that you have entrusted to him,
as honestly as I protect his home.
Give him, oh Lord, an easy and spontaneous smile,
as easy and spontaneous as my wagging.
Make him show gratitude as easily as I do.
Grant him the patience that I have,
when I wait for him without complaining.
Give him my courage, my readiness to sacrifice everything for him,
every comfort, even life itself.
Preserve in him my youthful heart and my playfulness.
Oh Lord of all creatures, as I am always truly canine,
see that he is always truly humane.



Part 2: The Department of Well-Being

I had heard rumblings that the city of Milan was now permitting dogs to attend church, but it was just today that I found the proof. Translated from “News Cattoliche,” September 17th Edition, 2014

The Milan City Hall continues its battle in favor of animals, who may soon be allowed to “go to church”–thanks to the new rule which outlines the obligation on the part of those who manage public places (such as churches) to grant them entrance. The Milanese Curate didn’t deny the right of animals to enter holy places in the city: “We have faith in the good sense and education of those who come into the parish.”

The rough draft for the guardianship and well-being of animals has been fine-tuned by Guarantor Valerio Pocar and the Department of Wellbeing for the City of Milan. The document, now under scrutiny by the city’s zones, could become active by Christmas of this year.

For the Mass on the 25th of December, therefore, “animals of small size who are not aggressive” maybe be allowed to enjoy their first official entrance into church, complete with communal blessing.



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20 Responses to Canine Prayers etc.

  1. Hello again and I hope Pepe is doing well with your loving family. My minister may read this prayer and your post that I have reblogged as she knows about my blog., so blessings to all.

    • Oh, that’s so nice! Thanks a lot. Pepe is doing very well thank you. As the Italians say, “he’s exuberant” which is a nice way of saying he’s a bit naughty in a puppy sort of way.

  2. kanzensakura says:

    This is beautiful. And we must remember that animals also enjoy the sweetness of life.

  3. kanzensakura says:

    Reblogged this on kanzen sakura and commented:
    I found this to be unusually apt. All creatures deserve honor and dignity and we must remember that animals also enjoy the sweetness of life and love

  4. Teresa Elliott says:

    So will Pepe be baptized?

  5. Absolutely not! He’s not big on ceremony.

  6. 😀 😀 😀 I believe as long as no distractions are created, two-legged humans and their four-legged companions should be allowed into any church. I so love that prayer. ❤

  7. Eha says:

    I simply fail to see the ‘difficulty’ in having pup come to prayer . . .Animals being as wise as we and more . . . methinks they feel more than we and behave accordingly in given circumstances . . .

  8. Seems that the Milanese agree with you…doggies are EVERYWHERE. Rome is for cats. Milan is for dogs.

  9. Gerlinde says:

    Taking dogs to church would make it a warmer place to be.

  10. Love this so much. I’m printing it out and taping it on my fridge. Thanks!

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