Chop chop

DAY:  Wednesday

MORNING MEDITATION:  Nonexistent in the formal sense. (I’m worse than Bridget Jones with her pounds lost/gained and her cigarettes. 

TDC:  Today’s Daily Cure is an image that has stuck in my head since I last wrote. It’s winter here, and it’s been cold and dry. Mud is frozen. Grass is as short and compact as a berber carpet. The air crackles. It feels clean. When I walk in the park each morning, I’m struck by the work that’s been done pruning and neatening, making the garden winter-ready. It’s an image I relate to. Editing back, while—inside, under, beneath, hidden from view—strength gathers for a springing forward at the right moment. We speak of the dead of winter, but it’s not dead at all. It’s just watching and waiting.




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5 Responses to Chop chop

  1. Dayphoto says:

    Sleeping. Sleep is good and restorative…after which bursting forth into new-found energy a huge delight!

  2. liffster says:

    Beautifully evocative. Even though we’re all bracing for a little rain and a high temperature of ‘only’ 60 F tomorrow here in California, I remember winter days exactly as you’ve described and can even smell it. Speaking of which, a friend in Provence tells me that the market stalls are loaded with bunches of fragrant mimosa, one of my favorites. Hope of Spring truly springs eternal.

    • I do love California weather, but I also love a winter that sets the slate clean. I feel guilty saying that with the Midwest dipping 30 below, though. That’s not a winter I wish on anyone. I haven’t seen mimosa here yet, but I’m headed to the market and will keep my eye out. Take care over there.

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