It helps

DAY:  Wednesday.

MORNING MEDITATION:  Well, I’ve upped it to 15 minutes. An eternity, for someone who was not really even finding time to sit still. But, then again, no, it’s not an eternity. It feels good. The guiding is dwindling away, and there are longer expanses of “being there” alone. But I need that. It helps. I don’t know how or why it works, but it does. Long after it’s over, it’s still helping. I’m thinking I’ll try it on the plane when I fly home in a couple weeks.  I loathe flying.

TDC:  It’s that time of year again. The Salone del Mobile in Milan. Design and furnishing shows absolutely everywhere. Positively spilling out of courtyards, passageways, palazzi, public spaces, schools. I love it, but I’ve had my head too far up the * of work to be able to enjoy it much. Out in the courtyard, though, just for good measure, flowers, plunked with lovely neglect, in the fontanella. Any Place is a good place for beauty. And Any Time is a good time to take a deep breath and say, “Well. Look at that.”


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10 Responses to It helps

  1. ron moore says:

    something about that little red knob is sweet, funny, ironic, shy, apologetic…among all the flowers.

  2. Gerlinde says:

    We are both flying home, have fun. You are doing a great job meditating.

  3. dayphoto says:

    I can just imagine Spring bursting forth in warm, sunny Milan!

  4. I love flying. Those flowers – just sublime.. c

    • actually, I love flying AND hate flying. I don’t like those long moments, stuck in the middle in the dark over the Atlantic. I like being by a window, watching and watching. And I would be happiest, if no flight exceeded 2 hours.

  5. sbaird says:

    I am so pleased to read about your meditation progress and think of you often when I sit in the morning, quietly.
    It is often not the moments of meditating that change everything but the moments in between, I have found. And what a difference it has made in my life, when I miss days doing it, I feel that I have missed the most essential part of a routine.

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