Nothing to report about meditation. Let’s just say I am far from yogi status. Just wanted to share yesterday’s trip to the “marmista” in search of the right countertop. I love raw materials. I loved the dust in the air. The years and years of accumulation adding up to a family’s business, passion, knowledge. A life spent handling the most beautiful stone in the world cut from the mountains that look out over the Tuscan coastline.

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6 Responses to Marble

  1. dayphoto says:

    OH! That would be such a joy to be there, to lay my hand on the cool stone, to feel the vibration of all the years through the marble! Wonderful!

  2. you’re right. It is cool…just as cool as it can be. and amazing colors. I saw a blue marble I’d never seen. Couldn’t believe it. It’s also strangely soft. They gave me a chunk of statue marble to bring home. It’s a stone, but at the same time, “like butter.”

  3. Gerlinde says:

    Italian marble gives you a timeless beauty, it’s sensual to the touch and so pleasing to the eye.

  4. Next time I want to go there too!!

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