In our midst

DAY:  Yesterday, Tuesday

MORNING MEDITATION:  Effective. Still good, though I find myself in a sort of doldrums. Does that happen to you other meditators out there?

TLC:  A tree. I was walking in the park and absolutely taken by the enormous trees near the castle. Many of them bear identification tags like endangeeed animals who’ve been ID’d for tracking. When I first moved to Milan and was suffering depression induced by culture shock, a Romanian healer named Elena (more about her later) told me I needed to hug a tree. I didn’t follow her advice at the time…I didn’t even know where I might find one, and I was too flabbergasted by her “expert advice” to look. But she had a point.  A tree does so much for you. It shades and shelters you. It breathes life into you. It gives you something immense and trustworthy to lean on. And there they are, gentle giants, in our midst. I just needed to look.

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10 Responses to In our midst

  1. dayphoto says:

    When things get OVER-WHELMING I have a wonderful pear tree I hug. I even make Terry and the kids and my grandchildren hug this tree when things are making them out of sorts.
    Over time I have learned to sit on the ground (on my shoes) and put my hands and feet on the tree so the wonderful, silent, strong energy of these Standing People can enter into my body and give me peace and comfort. Circling me from head to foot. 🙂
    Over the years my wonderful pear tree went from a sickly little thing into the robust wonder it is today, full of blooms and pears and rich colorful leaves in the fall.
    I like to think that I give back, when I’m circling the tree…that the tree is getting love and health and joy from me. And I am getting the ability to go on…to move forward.
    I maybe silly…but for me…Hugging my tree is true peace of mind.

  2. I really am enjoying your new format. It is great! Doldrums are like a wall, find a ladder. I lean on trees, not much of a hugger – I am a leaner.. And (most thrillingly) I know where you were walking! the joy of it. love love c

    • Thanks Ms C. I hug people, but with the trees, like you I lean. I like also just lay my hands flat on the bark and feel the heat in the summertime. The new format is quick. I can even do it from my phone. And I don’t expect too much from myself which is the only way I can do this. E le rations abound elsewhere. Find time to lean…seems most of the leaning lately is being done against you! x

  3. Gerlinde says:

    Doldrums in meditation are very common. I love our redwood tree groves here in California. The mother tree is always the strongest.

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