Where meditation fails, coffee is victorious

DAY:  Tuesday

MORNING MEDITATION: Well, “morning” is stretching it a bit. I squeezed it in just before lunch, regrettably. The benefits weren’t the same, having rushed from sleep to walking the dog and straight on into work without giving myself that wee 15-minute gift. My brain was too far into its grind by that time. Lesson learned. And yet it was instructive just to observe what that mental grind really looks/acts like.

TDC:  So without inner peace, where does one turn? I suggest a coffee and a conversation with a dear friend as an alternative. Or at least that’s what I did. This time, at the Milanese institution Pasticceria Marchesi, recently bought by Miuccia Prada to save it from the usual fate of outdated institutions. Think what Jackie Kennedy did for Grand Central Station. Because the truth is, they aren’t old or out dated, these beloved places, they are iconic, and someone needs to save them.

This was my view from our corner table. Four tables in total. I love small.

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8 Responses to Where meditation fails, coffee is victorious

  1. dayphoto says:

    And a cup of tea…sometimes I like a Nice Cup of Tea! Good Post!!! I love small also. What a beautiful place!

  2. janette144 says:

    Lovely! Little, sweet, spaces can be a kind of meditation and we need to preserve them.

  3. Those chairs look deliciously comfortable.. c

  4. Gerlinde says:

    I am so glad when places like this are saved. I am in Germany and went to town today where two of my favorite places are closing.

  5. Laura Plumb says:

    these are beautiful posts charlotte. thank you.

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