Deviled eggs and women

DAY: Saturday & Sunday

MORNING MEDITATION: Yesterday’s was nonexistent and today’s was the work of a tired mind. I’d have preferred sleeping. Am I the only person who finds weekends and holidays more exhausting than the M-F/9-5?

TDC: Yesterday’s Daily Cures were few and far between outside of meals. I felt harried and preoccupied until I sat down to eat. The senses require our attention, and in so doing, they pull us out of our tangled thoughts. At lunch, I was saved by comfort food to the nth degree: Deviled eggs. Proust would have been proud, although deviled eggs wouldn’t have been a very elegant start to his story. With every decadent, mayonnaise-y bite, memories rushed in of the picnics my grandmother would pack for our fishing trips on the Rappahannock River. I present to you the unglamorous but delicious eggs (I have made a pact with myself to show you TDCs, pretty or not):


Today’s Daily Cure was one of those cinematic moments that stops time. I was walking with my daughter in Via Dante by a café, when we spotted a woman rigorously dressed and turbaned in white with a foam-topped coffee in front of her. She sat very still, observing other women as I was observing her. A video of yet another woman played in the window across the street. I felt bound to them all in that instant. Nothing to do with Deviled Eggs, but such is the unpredictability and randomness of what makes us happy. I hope your weekend is full of such moments.


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17 Responses to Deviled eggs and women

  1. PEIROUX says:

    receap please…miam…

    • I will make you deviled eggs the next time we are in France. We can eat them and talk about/ignore politics.

      • hard cook the eggs. let cool. peel and cut in half. scoop out the yellow part and mix it with mayo, mustard, chopped cornichons, white wine vinegar, salt (might not need), pepper—according to your taste. Refill the egg whites with the mixture. Sprinkle top with paprika. Gobble up!

  2. Sheena & Co. says:

    i love everything about this.

  3. I love your drift into black and white to describe the images of the streets. It is a perfect choice. c

    • Ahhh…such compliments. I am blushing! It felt kind of clumsy hopping from deviled eggs to Ms. Turban, but that is just the way it is sometimes. How’s California treating you?

  4. dayphoto says:

    I loved this post! Like you sometimes I come across something that instantly binds me to it forever. That last photo full of so much energy! Love it!

  5. PEIROUX says:

    miam miam …
    i don’t do it just with mayo and avocat i try another time or i wait for yours !!

  6. Gerlinde says:

    Beautiful photos , beautiful post and I do large deviled eggs.

  7. Sherry says:

    When you are feeling spicy add some hot sauce or sriracha.

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