DAY: Friday

MORNING MEDITATION: 10 minutes. Went well. Body felt more relaxed than usual. Less tension between the shoulders. Slight interruption as my husband left the house: Would we eat octopus for dinner? Who would pick it up? Who would prepare it? That settled, I dropped back into the warm blackness of my inner space. Thoughts a bit flighty at first, then calm.

TDC: The feel of my feet on the ground as I left the dentist’s office in an almost celebratory frame of mind. (A good dental cleaning always boosts my spirits.) The realization that—no matter where we are—we are walking over history. Layers and layers of it. Millenia of it. The thought that if all our personal, daily trajectories and wanderings dragged faint threads behind them there would be an infinitely intricate mesh laid across the surface of the earth that would then fall down into the layers of geological time*. I saw a nun crossing the piazza, pleading with someone on her cellphone, moving urgently in a straight line toward, and then through, the center a masonry X.

NUN 2*These thoughts were probably influenced by a passage I recently read in Ian McEwan’s beautiful book The Children ActYou can read it here.

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5 Responses to Paths

  1. debbibaron says:

    Like the new graphics! And it is interesting how even 10 minutes of meditaion helps start the day off properly and Paris is the same relative to walking over history. It never ceases to impress me.

  2. Diane says:

    Yes I agree! I was just in Rome and thought the same thing about history and all the people that walked through the doors of the Pantheon where I was standing,the doors were so fascinating to me.Thank you for your words!

  3. dayphoto says:

    The history in your world is ever so wonderfully old! To walk there is to walk in the footsteps of giants among men!

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