The flavor of the mind

DAY: Monday.

MORNING MEDITATION: 10 minutes. Went well considering I got hung up on one of the first things the guide suggested in his beguiling, mellifluous tone: “Try to note the flavor of the mind.” The beauty of that phrase—the beauty of that idea—colored the rest of my meditation. Of course he’s talking about mood, underlying emotion. But how juicy and delightful is the concept of the “flavor of the mind”?

TLC: Abandoned in the kitchen, a pink elephant eraser of my 13-year old daughter. A wise-eyed rubber pachyderm whose sole existence is to whisk away her small, here-and-there errors. And where was he left? Under a vase of ranunculus given to me by my husband to lift my spirits (tough day at work). Ranunculus which happen to be the exact, un-Photoshopped, pink of Aforementioned Elephant. Touchstones. Reminders. I cannot look at these without feeling great happiness and gratitude. The desire to laugh. The flavor of the mind? You guessed it. Bubblegum pink.


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10 Responses to The flavor of the mind

  1. Gerlinde says:

    I will think about the flavor of my mind all day. Thanks!

  2. dayphoto says:

    I love it! Perfect pink together! The flavor of my mind today is blue…as in the clear warm blue sky!!

  3. Sheena & Co. says:

    I’m going to need one of those erasers.

  4. ron moore says:

    the flavor of coincidence! yum!

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