Postcard #33: Typical

[Sometimes the planets align, and you find yourself inhabiting a perfectly “typical” moment in a perfectly “typical” place. And so it was in this instance. Long September shadows. Cobblestone street. A chef outside his restaurant talking to a Mediterranean beauty. The red motorcycle. The balcony dripping with ivy. And me, snapping a picture as I typically do, tucked in a shadow out of view.]


POSTCARD BACK TYPICALI couldn’t resist the beauty of the moment, and snapped another one for safe keeping. Also typical in Italy, the ochre color you see on the left (below), which keeps us warm when the weather fails.

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6 Responses to Postcard #33: Typical

  1. Teresa Elliott says:

    God, you’re good. Is that the restaurant where we had lunch (you, me e Roberto) surrounded by men of a certain, shall we say, profession?

  2. No. That was Da Silvano. This restaurant is Bagutta in Via Bagutta…it’s in the fashion district. Next time you’re here.

  3. dayphoto says:

    So lovely! I was transported there to sit and dream on the sunny street full of shadows and history!


  4. ron says:

    that top picture looks familiar!

    what a great day that was! thanks SO much for showing us around milan.

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