Camparisoda: The aperitif of fast, futurist art

I always thought Thursday was really the day to celebrate Happy Hour. Friday seemed so banal, so been-there-done-that. And so today, from my bookshelf to your eye: “Camparisoda: l’aperitivo dell’arte veloce futurista da Fortunato DeperoMatteo Ragni.”*

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* Camparisoda: the aperitif of fast, futurist art from Fortunato Depero to Matteo Ragni. Fortunato Depero was the designer of the 1932 Camparisoda bottle and one of the founders of Italy’s futurist movement. Matteo Ragni is a contemporary designer living and working in Milan, who picks up where the former left off. This book sits near my desk, an inspiration from the past and the present.

Above: images from the book. Everything from the original designs, to wall paper concepts, to an ingenious concept for a glass made out of the empty bottle itself. Cheers and bottoms up!


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9 Responses to Camparisoda: The aperitif of fast, futurist art

    • Cheers, Ms. C. Your post today made me sad. Wondering: what are you “mad” about? Is it losing the other kitten? Or just “things”? I myself have been overtaken with melancholy. I think it’s the season. Can’t help it…

  1. debbibaron says:

    Camparisoda! My all time fav but camparisoda & blood orange juice is a good second.

  2. dayphoto says:

    Delightful! I could handle a little break anytime now…it’s 3:30 in the afternoon here…….


  3. Such gorgeous images – wonderful style and colours!

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