Happiness is foraging for dinner

I admit to being a bit blue this week. Hence the lack of a post to the “The Daily {French-Italian} Cure” on Wednesday. Somewhere between the earthquake, the fuming nuclear plants, the continual rain and maybe the shifted axis of the Earth, I felt too down to write. I wasn’t good company. This morning, I was still not good company, not even to myself. So I pulled myself out of bed and did the next best thing to overdosing on anti-depressants: I went to the market. And, as always, it worked its magic. This is what “The Daily Cure” is supposed to be about. Tell me, what would you buy? And what would you make for dinner?

The (partial) overview.

Sicilian pomodorini. The blues are dissipating.

Sardinian, spiny artichokes. Getting happy.

Already-cleaned artichokes. Happier still.

Pears. The color of a good mood blooming.

Two of my favorites. I'm getting downright happy.

Bingo. Tonight's dinner, a plan. Real contentment sets in.

[If you enjoyed this post, you might like to compare it to the French country market in “Vendredi = Market day = bliss.”]

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7 Responses to Happiness is foraging for dinner

  1. Mary McKinley says:

    How lovely, Charlotte! You already have much more variety in the marché than we here in Poitou – we’re still in root vegetable mode.
    I once bought a bouquet of those small, already cleaned artichokes and asked the stall owner how to prepare them. His reply: “I have no idea – try them raw!” (eye-rolling) I think I’ll have to keep asking.


  2. You DO eat them raw. They are delicious. I will do a post on them soon with book cooked and raw recipes! xxoo

  3. bagnidilucca says:

    I would make melanzane alla parmigiana with a tomato salad and would cook the pears in the oven with honey. I trip to the market is always a good way to cheer yourself up.

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  5. What’s your pear recipe? I’ve never done that…

  6. bagnidilucca says:

    I just cut the pears into quarters and cut out the core then put them in the oven with some honey drizzled over them. I usually baste them with the honey a couple of times and take them out when they look ready. I serve them with that delicious Sterzing Vipiteno yoghurt – the lemon flavour is particularly good. I dream about that yoghurt when I am in Australia and I can’t get it.

  7. YES! that sounds great. And I know that yogurt. Mmmmm.

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