The send-off

The French countryside this past week surprised us with warm-ish weather, bright sunshine, and an enthusiastic soundtrack. The birds sang with all their might. At 4:00 every morning, it was the birds that woke us up. Before the sun. Before the first toll of the church bell. Before the desire for coffee. This morning, was no exception. A perfect musical backdrop for getting up, packing and driving—sadly—away.

NOTE: Turn up your volume, or even better, use earphones.

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5 Responses to The send-off

  1. PEIROUX says:

    you know what?? in Clichy it’s really difficult for me because i’m sleeping with open window and they are awake at 4 or 4.30!! so i have to put some “boules Quies”in my ears.
    but in Accolay i never ear them… just when i am reading (and sleeping) in the garden on the afternoon but never on the early morning!!

  2. Well, you’d hear them if you were there. They are incredibly loud. Loud loud loud.

  3. bagnidilucca says:

    How hard it must be to leave. We have ducks and a goose in the river below us, but I have become accustomed to their noise and rarely hear it.

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  5. it’s been warm and springy here, and i was very aware of the birds this afternoon as i was sitting on the patio drinking some iced tea. noisy little whistlers!

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