Neither hurry nor dither

DAY:  Monday

MORNING MEDITATION:  Today’s went well. In fact, I did two. First, my usual 10 minutes of sitting in “silence.” And then, my first walking meditation. I walk all the time so adding a layer of awareness was a beautiful thing. Turned it into something more amusing and cinematic. Had to double up, because the weekend was an awareness wasteland and my brain craved escaping to its wide, open space.

TDC:  A week or so ago, the meditation guide used the most lovely turn of phrase—again. (He’s good at that.) This time he was referring, simply, to bringing awareness into the activities of the everyday. And he said, quite poetically I found: “Neither hurry nor dither.”


I was instantly hooked on the soundness of that advice and the poetic texture of the word “dither” (zither, feather, whither). I have tended, in years past, to do both—hurrying to meet those incessant and heartless personal and professional deadlines,  and dithering to give myself a break. The thought of moving purposefully forward, in working or walking, appeals to me. Without a racing mind and a racing heart, but with faith that the pace is fine for getting wherever it is I am going.

Walking this morning, feeling my feet roll into the pavement and back out of it, I felt connected to everyone else who was walking. Our rhythms merged in the chiaroscuro landscape of bright, early sun.



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11 Responses to Neither hurry nor dither

  1. Perfect thought for the day!

  2. I think often of you and feel almost lovingly touched by the knowledge of your meditation. I just love that you are fully engaged with it. I am dithering as I sit here – in fact I stood in the middle of the lawn yesterday with SO much to get on with and twenty things dithering through my head but could catch the tail of none of them. We used to say of my Aunt that she was “All A Dither” as though her whole body must be vibrating with the impossibility of making up her mind. c

    • p.s. I owe it to you, of course, the gentle nudge toward giving it a try. I am so grateful to you for that. My thanks is immortalized in one of my passwords. Someday I will share it with you.

  3. Your dear aunty. I would have liked her. I actually love and crave dithering. I’m sure I don’t do quite enough of it. But I dithered over a scrumptious piece of chocolate cake at our little Baroque bar, and thought loving thoughts about how oozy and rich it was. I hope you will come back.

  4. dayphoto says:

    Sometimes I feel like I get in such a dither to get things done and ON TIME! That I get right behind and go– “Oh, well” and stop all together and just forget it for an hour or day. Then I have pick everything up and move right along without hurrying, for after all I already messed up, so there is no hurry…only finishing.

    Love this very insightful post!

  5. Gerlinde says:

    At my age I don’t hurry as much as I used but I sure do a lot of dithering. Walking always helps.

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