The ghost post

Hi all. A few minutes ago I started receiving messages that my blog had been hacked. Either that, or my phone posted as it was jostling in my pocket. Smartphone as ghost writer. In any case, the post read as follows (more or less) until I erased it:

Title: Plllly

Text:  Uccujngyjjdngxc

The tusygestyyk* thing is that if I had blogged earlier today, allowing my thoughts to pour into this shared digital space, that’s pretty much what they would have looked like. Between a weird feverless flu and the spate of ever more rughsodigyedst* headlines, that’s sort of where my thoughts are today. I don’t know what to make of it all. Yphheqizz!*

Why does my stomach hurt? Why do my neck, back and shoulders hurt? Why does Trump only seem to purse his lips in pictures? Why do I get that “sshtgfkyly* feeling” more and more, so often, in fact, that I just ignore it? Perhaps shoving down a sshtgfkyly* feeling will make one’s back and shoulders ache.

Or maybe I could have posted a picture of a cloud, because that is what is sitting heavily on top of Milan today. A grumpy, yghujsly* cloud. Grey moist and going nowhere.

Despite all that, and this is the really wwdyggh* part, I have a happy little voice singing somewhere inside me. It won’t be put down, that voice. It just keeps chirping. I think it doesn’t read the paper.

*funny, chaotic, Yikes!, sinking, sinking, opaque, weird

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15 Responses to The ghost post

  1. Peiroux says:

    ha ha ha trump’s effect??

  2. dayphoto says:

    I stay away from the news! And all political facebook posts and just enjoy each day. My dad always told me I was an ostrich —works for me. As for drippy gray days…there is now hiding from…those I understand how horrible they make a person feel! COME ON SUN!


  3. debbibaron says:

    I feel like I am under a grumpy, yghujsly cloud and having a constant sshtgfkyly feeling! The march in LA made me feel a little better but the question is – what kind of wwdyggh action should we take to make this rughsodigyedst stop?

    • I don’t know. I had hoped the “strength of our institutions” would cushion the blows more than it is. I had hoped that other Republicans would play a counterbalancing role. I don’t know. We all just have to hang in there.

  4. Oh dear – it appears that your ghost self has created an entirely new language. I am feeling a bit PiIIy myself – must be the chirpy voice! Love love.. c

    • the chirpy voices must be fed and nourished!! Sometimes when I’m slogging away at my computer, sitting for too long, etc, I think about you out and moving on your farm in the open air amidst the animals and I think, “Now that would really do my chirpy voice some good!” Such a healthy way to live.

  5. Gerlinde says:

    I am getting scared watching the news, I think I am under the same cloud you are. I really thought I was done with protesting, oh well!

  6. Marianne Brogan says:

    Thank you for the much needed laugh and reassuring gesture. I feel a lot better.

    • Hi you! So glad you’re here. I’m not really sure what we can do, but I do think we need to stay together in positivity and love, sometimes with our focus elsewhere. The negativity is, otherwise, overwhelming. I bet your music is a big help right now. I know that just listening to you play makes me feel better. x

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