Color Story #15: The Color of Cold

Blacks are black. Greys are infinite. The surprises are red and ochre and frosty sage. My toes lose feeling—it’s cold—but I’m distracted by a passing train and the beauty of ice hanging in the air over freshly turned clods of earth.

The walk concludes through what my children and I refer to as the secret passageway, a tiny alley lined by overwintering vegetable gardens, chicken enclosures and rusted gates. You emerge through two houses, an arm’s span apart, with a view of the seasonal sentiments strung out along a gate. Joyeuses Fêtes. Happy Holidays. Not a soul in sight. The air heavy with silence and the incense of burning logs.

IMG_9715winter color

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13 Responses to Color Story #15: The Color of Cold

  1. janette gross says:

    Lovely, lovely pictures. It was nice to have my coffee and go on your walk this morning.

    • Thank you Janette…what are you seeing as you have your coffee?

      • janette gross says:

        If I just sit here and look into the back yard – it’s my winter birds. Having such a mild climate here in Santa Cruz, we get lots of birds from further north, My yard is unbelievably active with finches, sparrows, doves, pine siskins, an occasional warbler, bush tits, towhees and one little junco who has joined the gang this winter. If I go for a walk, it’s the beautiful Monterey Bay.

      • It’s funny about birds. When I was young, I paid no attention to them whatsoever, except when I was at my grandparents’ house. They used to keep bird feeders on their small back porch in Richmond, Virginia, and they had birds filling their yard at all times. My grandmother would point them out to me and tell me what kind they were. I loved the names, and the fact that she knew them. Now, I pay much more attention to them myself. Particularly here in France (country), where there are so many. Your yard sounds like a haven. I would love to see that swarm of life.

  2. debbibaron says:

    Eh ben, trop beau toute celà!

  3. Merci, Debbi…where are you for the holidays? Paris or London?

  4. A peaceful colour palette with touches of red berry and yellow old. Love the frosty sage!

  5. Debra Kolkka says:

    I love winter, the bare trees and the mists. I am in sub tropical Queensland longing for some cold weather.

    • I’m the opposite…I sort of long for cold, like you, but once I’m in it I can’t wait to escape it. I’d love to be warm right now. I just feel cold all day long. I could spend the day in a hot bath…

  6. Jackie says:

    Ah, yes, winter. But with a new perspective 🙂 Love your posts! We went to Cape Kiwanda for clam chowder and the sunset, yesterday, as it has finally stopped raining for a bit.

  7. dayphoto says:

    I loved your walk this morning! You still have green grass! We are white here…not my favorite time of year…ever.


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